Chill Cube


The Root Engineering Chill Cube is an easy-to-use room air circulator. Its special design ensures a constant air movement in the room and at the same time cleans the air without fragrances and additives, thanks to the built-in activated carbon and pollen filters.

How it works

Developed as an alternative to conventional fans, the Chill Cube presents itself through its appealing design. With its cubic shape, it is very easy to set up, reminiscent of a 3D puzzle game. The upward air stream avoids direct draft and improves the room climate sustainably.


Due to the constant circulation of the room air and the use of industrial air filters at the air inlets, the Chill Cube cleans the air particularly effectively of smoke and bad odors. The filter cartridges are easy to install and replace. Combined with fine dust and pollen filters, the Chill Cube naturally also helps allergy sufferers.


The functions of the chill cube in detail:

  • Air filtration through industrial filter units
  • Simple operation and setup
  • Cooling and heating possibility
  • Plug and Play

An outstanding additional feature of the Chill Cube is its multifunctional insert. It offers the possibility to insert ice, commercial cold packs or heat pads, to temper the surroundings of the cube in a pleasant way.

Use case

The filters used in the Chill Cube comply with common industry standards and therefore have an excellent efficiency. Depending on the selection of the filter material different applications are put into focus.

The black activated carbon fleece is ideal for pet owners and smokers. This type of filter mat is used in industrial plants in the exhaust systems and removes bad odors and smoke from the air. Since the activated carbon is incorporated in a carrier material, no black residues remains when changing the filter.

Optionally, the Chill Cube can also be equipped with dust and pollen filters. For allergy sufferers these filters reduce the burden of fine dust in the home and in the pollen season, the Chill Cube also contributes to well-being.


Technical Details

Dimensions 20cm x 20cm x 20cm
Construction Plug-in System
Power consumption max. 3 W
Throughput approx. 80m³ / hour
Filter class F7
Filter fire behavior F1 (self-extinguishing)
Maintenance interval Filter replacement recommended every 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently the Chill Cube and it's filters are available directly at Root Engineering. Simply drop us an e-mail and we will provide an offer to you.

Note: Minimum order amount, color availability and price at inquiry.
A filter exchange is recommended every 6 month in general.

The actual rate is given by the Chill Cube's utilization, which means, a Chill Cube exposed in a smoker's room needs a sooner exchange than a Chill Cube in a non-smoking area. How strong the filters are polluted can easily be seen with clear eye.

Note: Even if the filter cartridges can be cleaned by shaking and knocking out coarse dirt, the filter material also binds non-visible suspended matter.
Root engineering attaches great importance to quality. That's why the Chill Cube is made of high quality Perspex® acrylic glass and comes in almost any color available.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Note: The minimum order quantity with individual colors is 50 pieces.
The use of high quality Perspex® acrylic glass allows a versatile processing of the material. It is possible, to engrave the Chill Cube with your own design.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Note: The minimum order quantity with individual engraving is 50 pieces/color.
The filters used in the Chill Cube are easy to distinguish by their color. Which filter is best used depends on the requirements, which the chill cube should meet. Of course, the filters used can also be combined.

The black filters (activated carbon filter) are used for odor cleaning and pollution reduction in (heavily) smoky rooms.

The white filters (pollen and fine dust filters) are ideal for allergy sufferers.

Note: The Chill Cube is designed to use one filter per side.
Root engineering as a technology holder is constantly looking for licensing and distribution partners in Austria and abroad. We are happy to talk to you about a partnership and to work out an individual offer.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us directly.